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Website Design and Domain Ownership.

A client asked me today to transfer the domain over to his hosting company. I immediately asked why would he want to do this considering he is happy with the website I have built for him?

His response was he wants ownership of the website (more like ownership of the domain name). I explained although he has ownership of his domain he does not have ownership of the hosting.

Although he has found out which hosting provider I use, he has set up his own account now and expects me to transfer the domain over to him.

Two things spring to my head are as soon as I would do this all his information would be lost and he would have to re-build the website from scratch. Secondly there must be trust issues, perhaps he is afraid I would take his website down if he does not pay me.

What website designer allows his client to have access to the control panel? Yes I agree you can grant your client CMS access but to mess with codes etc its a no no.

Further more never allow your client to control you. Ask yourself is he worth loosing sleep over, do you actually need him?

Since witing this post I should find a domain that names and shames individuals that scam businesses. I won”t mention his name (may be just initial them PM & LM) but it rattles me that I gave him the benefit of the doubt after he scammed me 5 years ago and he goes and does it again. The ironic part about it is he portrays himself as a professional business man. But underneath his exterior lurks a sad and unsuccessful individual. People who know me will know whom I’m talking about. He hides behind his wifes name and she obviously is no better than him for allowing him to rip people off. It did cross my mind does he control her like he tried controlling me? I am angry for sure but he will be the one who has lost out in long run when he finds out that I have superceeded him. Cant wait to flaunt that in his face.

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