I know technically HTACESS has nothing to do with Domain Names more
so with Website Security. But you learn something new every day. As you
may be aware Google are making changes and websites without a SSL
Certificate will not be shown and a warning will come up “please exit due
to security risk”. Well I have just implemented SSL Certificate into one
of my websites I am launching on Monday of next week.

What I did was I activated the certificate and did not wait the full 90 minutes for it to be updated and instead added the .htaccess code at the same time.

What this did was block my website and since yesterday 19/07/18 and it still has not been rectified. So what I did today was delete the access code, deactivated the certificate and started all over again, this time waiting the 90 minutes for the update.

We will see if this works. I will update as I go along.

I’m excited as I am launcing a Marketing Company, Focusing on keywords and Domain Names whilst educating businesses why it is essential to have a
keyword domain name in your business link wheel.

Always undo your changes step by step and eventually you will find the problem.

Lets see if it works in the next 30 mins.

Wishing everyone a Good Friday.

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