27th October 2017

Update about the website.

I still have to sort out all the industries but by Monday this will be fully active. Just waiting on people to submit their listings.

On an important note I will also be adding something regarding individuals and business should be aware of when selling domains out of the UK and need to pay Vat. I tried putting this article on my blog but it was refused. I will do it again but without attaching a hyperlink. You will just have to copy and paste into your address bar.


Exciting times ahead – Happy Domaining.

21st October 2017.

Having envisaged we should have launched this baby at the beginning of October, we had some set backs and are configuring the last few bits of our website and store. We feel we are the only company around that can offer so much for the domain. Not only do you get a valuable address you get a brand and marketing all included. We compared other companies which are charging far greater commissions than what we are offering but none actually go as far as marketing the domain after it is bought. This in itself is worth a bob or two.

Anyway just to keep you updated we hope to launch at the end of the month. We are working our little socks off, so do bear in mind if you do happen to visit us before launch date you will find that like all business that are being refurbished a few things need to be put in the right places, but slowly but surely we are getting there.

Will update you once we are up and running.

Speak soon and enjoy the weekend! smiley

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