Submarine Insurance

I have a question about the keywords “Submarine Insurance” does it exist and if so who would buy it or supply it?

The reason why I ask is one of my clients has bought the domain name and I am trying to get my head round this like who do I approach to even attempt to sell it?

I know I am selling high value assests on from Jumbo Jets to Supercars & Yachts but I do not have any Submarines or Rockets as yet.

Perhaps I should approach Richard Branson or Elon Musk or even President Putin or President Donald Trump but this domain name is certainly an eye opener and on doing some research there are some private companies actually manufacturing and engineering submaraines, so watch this space.

On another note…….

****A bit of advice people……… before buying domain names drop me a line and ask me first is it worth it, I may end up saving you some money.

I was asked the other day if “reallybaddomainnames” or something like that as I can’t remember exactly had any value and my answer was who would buy it for starters?

Really some people just have no idea.

My answer was it had no value yet the person I spoke to seemed to think it was worth $100, I won’t say what domain extension was. I have noticed though that sold for $300 but it is not developed which means someone bought it and its just floating in cyberspace and in my opinion it will continue to do so as who on earth would use it unless it was for a blog perhaps?

But for the sake of someone remembering the url and typing it in, they will not have may visitors I can assure you of that.

Always try to stick to short words, no more than two keywords.

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