One & Two Word Dot Coms For Sale.

Not so long ago wrote a post about short one-word dot coms on my other marketing blog and was told not to allow the names to be known on the internet:

So here is the thing unless you have a little black book of millionaires and billionaires eagerly waiting to buy your domain names, what do you do?

Fortunately for me, I am connected with Millionaires, Billionaires, and Royalty on my LinkedIn account so I can reach out to the said people, should I so wish. However, not all will see the vision of domain names and may simply not respond.

Selling high-ticket domain names you are basically looking for a needle in the haystack if you do not market the domain names for sale.

How is anyone going to know your domain name is for sale if you do not advertise?

Similar to a Mansion in Beverly Hills even Hollywood A-Listers will advertise their homes for sale on websites such as they recently had a series on Netflix called “Selling Sunset”. if that is not in your face I do not know what is. Clearly, their marketing was to capture an audience using a streaming channel. Very clever considering most people are tuning in to Netflix during the lockdown.

From past experience I have heard that if you make an asset so well known that eventually, it devalues in price as did the Harrods Diamond that was later taken off the market, because it grew so popular in terms of its advertising, meaning from my understanding the more people know about the asset the less valuable it becomes.

Its is not always about the market value but more to do with perceived equity and how much it might be worth in the future.

Of my understanding, if I was selling the most expensive diamond in the world or a domain name, how are people even going to know that it exists and it is for sale if I do no advertising especially if say I did not have my little black book?

The diamond or the domain will still retain its market value, even if I made massive billboard ads, although it possibly may lose its rarity and elusiveness.

Therefore if people do not write about the asset no one is going to know it exists and one cannot always rely on the little black book.

Here is the list of domain names I have been asked to broker alongside another broker. Obviously, I will be doing outbound marketing and activating my connections to get some traction, no names will be mentioned to maintain privacy and mystery:

ONE & TWO-WORD DOMAINS FOR SALE! (Make an offer) $1.25m $490k $550k $1.75m $88k $450k $150k $375k $150k $145k $250k $1.75k $180k $75k $75k $75k $125k

E.Biz $110k $25k $75k $415k $1m

Online.Poker $475k

Online.Dating $425k

Online.Trading $425k $75k $75k $1.5m $75k $55k $80k $45k $155k $75k $45k $45k $35K $35m

Please Contact Us by using the button below about any of the domain names, listed above. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Final Thoughts.

Over the weekend I will talk about the domain names I have acquired and what my plans are once they are fully developed.

Stay tuned!