Crypto Currency.

Initial Coin Offerings.

I initially wrote this article in 2017 but have been asked to update it.

I wrote previously that ICOs were in the news at the time I wrote my original post….

“UK is having a crackdown to regulate ICO’s and they envisage it being done by the end of 2018”.

This got me thinking, obviously the Government will use their own websites more on this later, as I was curious if I could register any domains, develop and advertise them and the  answer was unfortunately not, not without obtaining a license.

So continuing with what I wrote previously………..

But what the Governments may do is also have information on sites using the public sector to help them. Solicitors could take advantage of these websites to help in legal matters and the FCA could also benefit from these domains. Divulging further the Central Banks that Govern High St Banks could set up blockchains.

I have since dropped all my ICO related domain names as I simply did not have time to develop them and that would have also meant I would have had to obtain a licence for each website I built. I find if you have equity associated with a domain name it will sell much faster than one without.

More on what you can do and can’t do when trying to register .gov domains:

Here is a link to what are ‘Blockchains’ and how they work:

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