Naming & Shaming Hackers – Scammers

Naming & Shaming Hackers & Scammers.

To all my loyal readers, this is not my normal post on this channel as I need to address something that has been going on for some time now and I am now loosing my patience.

In fact every other day I am getting phishing emails or hacking threats.

I have change my passwords often but once these low life’s have your email there is nothing stopping them bombarding you with threatening emails.

Most of the time they end up in my spam folders but when they physically use my contact forms this gets my back up.

Just by looking at the senders email address you can tell if an email is legit or not and I tend to mark them as phishing and block them.

But it is getting beyond a joke now and I have better things to do than write posts about these idiots.

I am sick to the back teeth of these bottom feeders.

So to the people that are reading this and are sending me emails to my private account and to my business inboxes consider the implications of your actions.

For over a year now I have received emails to several inboxes with entities trying to extort money from me one way or another, from PayPal, Apple, Netflix suspended accounts etc.

Do not insult my intelligence, I am not stupid and I will not be hood-winked.

Here are two emails I received today one to my private account and the other through my business contact form today:

This is my contact form message I received.

Here is the email source code:

Here is the entities email address:

The second is to my my private inbox.

The second email is spoofed.


Congrats you visited my website.

What are you trying to achieve by trying to extort money from people like myself?

Are you so desperate that you have no money to put food on the table (if so start a GoFundMe Account).

Or are you doing it out of spite because I upset you (get over it and move on)?

Perhaps you are just trying your luck as you have no job. You are too lazy to find a job and born low life where you prey on vulnerable people who may not know any better than to block you and make you into a public spectacle.

What if your next victim committed suicide because of your actions, which in turn would affect their relatives and friends, you would have successfully created a domino effect and destroyed the lives of multiple people, just by extorting money from one person.

How would you like it if your friends or family were hacked or scammed by people like yourselves, imagine if their life savings were stolen or their data breached all because of a very sick individual that has no regard for human life,.

I believe in karma and what ever goes around comes around.

If you send out bad vibes it will come back to you tenfold.

What you as a cyber criminal may not understand is that you do not take into consideration other forces other than hacking.

What if the next person you try to scam puts a curse on you and your family, where would you be then and what would you do to have the curse removed?

Imagine all the damage that can be done whilst you are trying to remove a curse all because of your actions.

In this day and age we should be looking out for one another and not trying to hack or scam people.

How can you look at yourself in the mirror and expect respect when you are a bottom feeding scum bag,

It does not say much about you as a person.

Try to be a better person and only do good in this world and in return you will be rewarded.

Do wrong and you will go to hell.

Regardless if you are a believer or not be warned next time something does not go you way or you have a spell of bad luck think about someone that you extorted money from or attempted to, think did they just put a spell on you?

***For all my loyal readers stay safe.

1). Have antivirus on all your devices, never open emails and attachments from people you do not know and always check the email source to see if it is legitimate or not.

2). Do not put a usb flash drive into a computer that is not yours.

3). Never share your passwords with anyone and change them on a regular basis.

As per my example of the Apple email you can tell at a glance it is a scammer.

4). Double Check with the organizations first directly to see if they have sent you anything. In most cases Banks and HMRC & GOV institutions will write to you by post, they will never phone you or email you to update your details or say you have tax refunds. You can check if you have any refunds by logging into your official account on the GOV websites.

Again do not click links in emails

5). You need to login in to the portals securely using your own login details via official websites and not click links that may be included in emails. Some scammers & hackers emails are sophisticated to replicate official organizations, learn how to stay safe online and do not click links as the websites could be cloned.

In fact if you get any emails from organizations you are associated with which look suspicious contact the company first and double check if your account has been suspended.

Never interact with these people including replying or forwarding. Capture the email address mark it as phishing and then go to you blocked settings and block them.