ONE.COM on my mind today. To be honest I have never been happy with this company and am slowly moving all my work over to another hosting company, which they are aware of.

The reason for my rant today is that I have decided to stop the hosting on a couple of my domain names but still want to keep the domain names, only to be re-invoiced for the domain names. So what is wrong with that?, well nothing until you have a close inspection of the invoice where they are charging for (DNS Domain Administration). This by default is usually included in the domain renewals and if you look at the top registrars such as Godaddy or 123reg they include this by default and their .CO.UK Domain names are no more that £10 plus vat for renewals and not £23.51

Therefore ONE.COM are scamming people out of £9.60 for (DNS Domain Administration) Fee, which is normally included in any domain renewal as how else can you forward domain names or change DNS records without this system? It is part and parcel of the package and should not be be charged as an extra fee. Obviously the customers they have do not realise they are being charged for something that is already included in a domain renewal by default.

Furthermore in the chat the response from the support team simply said:

(03:07:49) Brian: Sorry if you consider it that way but that’s the only way for you to retain the domain.

I basically said I would post this on every blog and social media platform so that people are aware if you want to buy a domain name go with Godaddy, 123reg, IONOS to name a few and avoid ONE.COM like the plague.