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Rączyna (www.raczyna.pl & www.raczyna.com) is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Kańczuga, within Przeworsk County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in south-eastern Poland. It lies approximately 10 kilometers south of Kańczuga, 18 km south of Przeworsk, and 35 km east of the regional capital Rzeszów.

Rączyna is also where my mother was born and where I spent a few summers. I still have family there but due to a family feud, we have broken all contact. My family are heartless, cold-hearted people who have no empathy.

Originally when I registered the dot com and dot pl versions of the domain my initial thoughts were to build bridges between my family and myself and I wanted to make the site into a “Real Estate” and “CBD directory”.

I wanted to grow CBD on the land that my Aunt manipulated in court from my deceased mother and I would have invested in the saplings, licenses, etc.

“I have now washed my hands from them all including all the Cichons, Wojdylos, and Kuznirs, they are no longer my family and if I were ever to see them again I would never acknowledge them They had their chance to reconcile but chose not to. This is not how you treat your own flesh and blood”.

This is similar to a domain owner leasing the domain and then the person leasing demanding they own the domain name. It is called reverse hijacking. Obviously, the laws are different in the UK and USA but the more Eastern European countries are more corrupt.

I have written a full post about what happened for my family to read. https://marketingagency.cymrumarketing.com/2020/09/01/reconciling/

I did all the research and got connected with some investors and everything was going to plan until my Aunt “Zofia Wojdylo” said in court that because she had paid all the taxes on a dead man’s name (my grandfather Kazimierz Machaj ), she was entitled to the land even though she never paid my mother any income from the proceeds.

The land was left to my mother in a will by my grandmother (Anna Machaj) and I have a copy of the will.

Last Will & Testament of My Grandparents to my Mother (Address Redacted).

The court costs were astronomical and even though I did a deal with a solicitor to build her a website, I came to the decision to not pursue the CBD project any longer because of the court costs, but instead construct a website and make sure when CBD does become a thing in Raczyna, that my cousin and any other member of the family does not have any help from me or get any promotion or marketing considering I own the domain names.

Besides, even if I had won the land I would have to work it and my family would not help me, so decided on a master plan that will cost more than the actual land itself… Karma!

My cousin “Artur Wojdylo” said it was illegal to grow CBD in Poland even though I had done all the research, as a businesswoman so I would think I know better!

What does he know about business? he is just a laborer, farmer and that’s what he will ever be, considering he declined my offer.

My offer was for my Aunt to keep the deeds so long as I could grow hemp alongside their other crops and I would supply everything at no cost to them.

I drummed it into my cousin’s head that I would buy the license and fund everything, all I needed was the land to grow the hemp. He then replied sarcastically I should go and buy some land if that was the case. I told him I could make him really rich, again offering an olive branch to make amends…

There is no reasoning with stupid people and it is his loss at the end of the day, that is how I see it and how the rest of the world will see it as I will never help that family.

I cannot see myself visiting that region again for the foreseeable future. My gut feeling is telling me not to sell the domain, and see what happens. I have in fact just taken them off the market. I am finding I have not got enough hours in the day to pursue the projects, so will leave it on the back burner for now.

This would be an ideal project to pursue CBD growing in Poland and even invest in the business. I will just keep hold of it for now and see what will transpire.


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