***Reverse Highjacking of a domain name

Reverse Highjacking is something some entites will do in order to force the owner to give up their domain name for free.

The argument here is if the name was available from day dot then the entity should have registered it as soon as it was possible even reserving and putting limitations on people trying to register a domain as in the cases of domain extensions such as dot eu whereby one has to be a resident of the eu to own the domain or in the case of Arab Emirates dot ae. I have never heard any cases of a country/city/town making claim to a two or three word domain other than:


As one person commented on the post, the entity should have acquired a list of domain names for limitation in order from this happening, so that the registrant would have been prevented to register a trademark let alone a domain name.

The registrars should stop selling domain names that have legal implications and limitations unless the registrant can prove without reasonable doubt that he/she has rights to owning that domain.

***In the case of ‘Neom’ names, I have attemped to reach out to neom.com both of their social media platform and sending an email and so far I have not had a reply. This is starting to look very uncertain and someone needs to address this. In this day and age one has to show transparency. Obviously I want to protect my clients and have their best interests at heart.

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As far as I am concerned there are only two options.

  1. Let anyone and everyone register two and three word domain names with the word ‘Neom’ in it, without any repercussions.
  2. The entity acquires a list of keyword domain names and put limitations on the words.

***Our business model offers website design, marketing and advertising we simply do not offer domain names for sale without a business plan. We also have a list of keyword domain names, some are registered some are not.

***Anyone who has further information on this needs to contact us at hello@cymrumarketing.com