Naming and Shaming.

Dangerous Telephone Number 07572941792

As I have mentioned I have obviously really upset someone, of which there are two people that come to mind, one person over a court case last year where I was brought as an expert witness and the defendant tried to discredit my name and the second most recently is the owner of a company in India that has stolen my clients domain name and even admitted in an email today that the compromised website has been taken down.

More on this story as it it unfolds.

Or I could be I am totally wrong but I am now being sent text messages to my mobile phone so the person does know who I am and I did send them a reply which I have redacted but you can imagine what it said.

Also I tried phoning the number and it went to an EE Voicemail. I did not leave a message.

Instead if the person that is attempting to extort money from me is reading my blog he should be warned.

I know many people around the world just saying…….