What are Landing Page and What are Affiliate Links.

As I have mentioned before for your domain name to be seen, you need to put in in front of a targeted audience.

Fair enough you can list it on marketplaces, like Sedo, Afternic and Godaddy to name just a few, and in most cases they will provide you with landing pages.

Their landing pages however 9 times out 10 are sub domains that are linked to their own website you have listed your domain name on.

Your domain is then forwarded to the sub domain page and the results will be that the websites will accumulate the traffic to their sites which is not beneficial to you unless someone physically types in your domain name on a search engine to see if it available (This is called direct traffic).

These organizations do not perform SEO for that individual page as it would be time consuming and not worthwhile. They may provide you affiliate links which you have no control over, so essentially they are making money on the back of you if you have 1000 visitors or more landing on your page you will get a small percentage of whatever these marketplaces offer.

It is more beneficial to build your own landing page. blog or website, monetize it and generate traffic so you have full control over your audience.

A landing page is a static one page standalone web page designed specifically for one purpose to drive traffic to your one product or service. It is a page for marketing or advertising a campaign. It is where a visitor “lands” after clicking a link in your email or in the search results of search engines.

A landing page is designed with a single focus or goal, known as a call to action (or CTA, for short).

It’s this focus that makes landing pages the best option for increasing the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and lowering your cost of acquiring a lead or sale.

A landing page for other purposes other than domain names may have funnels to engage the reader to accept an offer or may want you to sign up, register or buy a product. These type of landing pages in most cases do not have affiliate links.

A domain name landing page should have some information about the domain name you are trying to sell and the URL address must be visible in the search bar, so not only can your domain be found through a direct search, it can also be found organically and if you are considering PPC advertising then also in a Ad result.

However, I must point out running ads can be costly and email campaigns (you need subscribers for this as it is unadvisable to send unsolicited emails to people you do not know and have not given you consent to contact them).

Do consider the costs of doing it yourself as opposed to hiring someone especially when it comes to search engine optimization.

It is best to learn as much as you can about SEO to optimize your landing page to its full potential. That’s how I learnt to do things by learning everything there is to know about SEO. Obviously if you get stuck I can give you some free advice and helpful pointers but obviously cannot do it for you unless you pay me 🙂

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It can also take a very long time to see immediate results. Hence it is beneficial to add affiliate links to your landing pages to monetise your page, whilst generating traffic for a potential investor. If you want immediate results you need to invest in PPC advertising such as Google Ads.

You could collect data by asking your readers to subscribe to an offer you may have such as a free e-book? Lead Generation Landing Pages: Also called “lead gen” or “lead capture” pages, these use a form as their call to action. This form almost always collects lead data, like the names and email addresses of visitors. This is good if you intend to send out emails to prospective buyers who are interested in domain names, buying, selling and investing. You will have these people on your list ready for when you send out a newsletter. You could also integrate software that can capture ip addresses and emails, such as chat bots. By having a chat bot, you can interact with the user in real time.

B2B marketers and companies selling high-ticket items use this type of landing page to build a list of prospective customers. As the saying goes the money is in the list. Ecommerce brands can also use these pages for list-building or offering free shipping or special deals.

Clickthrough Landing Pages: Often used by ecommerce and SaaS (software-as-a-service) marketers is a way to get the user to clickthrough and go straight to the product sales or subscription. A simple button as the call to action is all that is needed to send the visitor into the checkout flow (like the app store) or completes a transaction.

Driving Traffic to Landing Pages

There are several options of how to drive traffic to your landing page which unlike marketplaces you have no control over.

  1. Pay Per Click Advertising (Google or Bing Ads)
  2. Classified Ads on Directories (Free and Paid Ads)
  3. Newspaper and Magazine Ads
  4. Leaflet Distribution Ads
  5. Networking
  6. Linking to Social Media Pages
  7. Email Campaigns
  8. Organic Traffic with a SEO optimized landing page.
  9. Blogging
  10. Vlogging

Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing helps monetise your page whilst you are waiting for an investor to buy your domain name. You can convert your visitors into paying customers of your affiliate links you promote, but you have to understand the conversion rate if you are promoting something that has a low commission rate as an example I will use £10 for all intents and purposes and you want to make £100 per month you would essentially need 10 people however the conversation rate for this for every 1000 visitors the click through ratio is between 1-2% so you need 1000 visitors a month to make £100 -£200. The higher the commission and the more people you have to your landing page will determine the outcome of your income.

You can of course find high paying affiliate links, but you first need to develop your landing page before being approved.

Affiliate Marketing is better than selling and sourcing your own products you are essentially selling other people’s products without drop-shipping or handling the inventory or the headache of shipping and returns.

My favourite is Amazon and as you can tell you can find affiliate links throughout this site. I suppose because they are so popular and literally every use Amazon for one thing or another it makes sense to promote then and make some money from them.

However, with Amazon Associate Central they only give your visitor 24 hours to buy something after they click your link as the cookie only lasts that long. However, if the visitor puts any product into their shopping basket but does not check out Amazon will extend the cookie for 90 days until the visitor checks out that item.

You can find the link to join in the footer of their website.

I also use Awin, Rakuten Link-share, Google AdSense, Sharealsale, and High Paying Affiliates, I must advise that your landing page will be checked out before you are approved.

My reading recommendations of affiliate marketing and landing pages books are as follows: