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Who are UK Domain Brokers?

UK Domain Brokers is a portal to help you buy and sell domain names. UK Domain Brokers help you secure your global positioning and offer customers free advertising space to sell their domain names whilst performing search engine optimization so that the keywords can be found easier.

UK Domain Brokers also offers landing pages for the domain names to be sold. This helps with the visualization and helps to generate traffic for the prospective buyer.

Domain Names are Digital Real Estate, they have the most value if they are one-word brandable words or keywords. They also have value if they have equity, a product, a service, a developed site generating traffic. Domains can have value if they have equity or perceived equity. Buying and selling domain names one has to have some knowledge of SEO and marketing to understand the domain names worth.

Without equity, your domain is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it which in most cases it is not worth much at all, and 9 times out of 10 it will not sell. The secret is the keyword(s) and traffic. A brandable name or acronym will take longer to be ranked and will need tonnes of marketing and advertising to be a household name, consider your domain name well, and if you still want a unique brand accompany it with a keyword/phrase blog. Learn the importance of SEO and what that means for your business, without SEO your domain/brand will simply float in cyberspace.

The name of the game is to have a domain that is associated with a product, service, or idea. A domain name has to also have a website in order to generate traffic. This will be beneficial to both the buyer and the seller as this will save time with ranking. Having the domain on the first page of Google is like hitting gold and this will increase the value of the domain name. Presentation counts. You need to put in the hard work to get your domain noticed and working.

** “Consider your financial circumstances before investing in domain names that come with costly renewal fees and hosting charges.

I feel to contact a company director and offer a domain name that is not developed, is not generating traffic, is not offering a product or service, and is not on on the first page of Google, will be wasting the CEO’s time”.

“You need to have equity or have (short one-word dot com’s) to command high prices for domain names. Also, consider businesses marketing budgets, some do not have 6 or 7 figures to splash on advertising and marketing campaigns and may not see the value of the domain”.

If a domain is too long, hyphenated, is an acronym, brandable or charm domain, it will not help any business in terms of ranking. A brandable domain name has to have extensive advertising and marketing for it to be a well-known household name and for search engines to rank. If you need your business to be famous you need a lot of exposure and for your business to be in the news. There is no magic pill and it will take a lot of time, money, and perseverance to be a trusted brand”.

A domain without equity is just a domain name”…Renata Barnes.

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The Anti-Terrorism & Money Laundering Act states that all transactions over 10,000 euros must have due diligence data.

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With that said any person wishing to list their domain names or have us broker them by either ourselves or our partner brokers, must sign a brokerage commission agreement. This covers perceived sales.

Listing of your domain names is free but for our brokerage service, there is a charge.

We do not ask for exclusivity. We actually recommend that you use as many people as you can the help you sell your domain names.


For our brokerage service, we charge a one-off fee of £99.99 plus a commission of 15% on the successful sale of a domain name and if there is more than one broker this will be split between all brokers. This is non-negotiable. This covers our time outbound marketing and advertising costs.

(We do not guarantee the sale of your domain name, this will depend on the quality of the domain name and demand).

Anyone with questions about our policy and terms must contact us.

***(Any broker that does not perform due diligence is potentially breaking the law).

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