As many of my regular domainers are aware I have been listing their domain names on ‘Uniregistry’ for the last few month. Very disappointed that I was lead to believe I would have help with brokering my clients domain, I wrote to them to ask for an update and this is what they replied. This means they just sit and wait for people to contact them and nothing more. I must say I’m very disappointed.


Thanks for reaching out regarding our brokerage platform and in particular if we outbound (find buyers) for your domains.

We do not actively find buyers (outbound) we work on inbound inquiries only, this is for a number of reasons but 3 in particular listed below:

We have over 12,000,000 domain names on our marketplace and if our
brokers were to start performing outbound on a tiny portion it would
dilute the experience for other clients. If we did that on all
portfolios we would simply not get anything done, so we specialise in
this area and that is why we are leaders in the field.

Most of our clients are not looking to liquidate their portfolios so we
encourage inquirers to provide qualified offers for their domain names.
We sell domains for the highest value possible.

3. This then
allows us to state to inquiries we receive that the domains are already
in use for parking purposes or held for a future project. By actively
selling a domain name, we contradict this strategy.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Matt Holden
Business Development | Uniregistry

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