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I’m sure you have heard of ‘Chris Zuiker’ of Media Options.

Chris uploads very useful video tutorials.

I find his information very inspiring and I have learnt a thing or two from him. I follow him on Linkedin and if you connect with him he usually messages you back unlike some other famous domain brokers that brag how many domains they have sold and for how much, yet do not divulge any more information like what is their technique is, which is a little disappointing as reader/viewers likes to know how he sells his domains and how he has justified his sale price.

Anybody can gain popularity by bragging they sold a domain for $xxxxxxx but in reality they have sold it for pittance.

My technique is I build a website and show the buyer what they can get for their money.

My clients not only can see traffic being generated they also get to see the quality of the website. So if you do all the hard work upfront and perform seo your client will appreciate your work and not only will the domain gain traffic it will get ranked and eventually you will get on the first page of search engines organically.

Selling Brand Names is a lot harder as you are looking for a needle in the haystack to find a buyer. Never the less if you come a cross a good name hang on to it as you never know someone may come along and snap it up. But I always recommend having a landing page and doing some seo.

Check out his latest one here: