Hello Readers,

I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Renata Barnes, I own www.ukwebsitedesigners.co.uk

I was born in Shrewsbury Shropshire to Polish Parents. My father Jan was a war vetran in WWII and after the Battle of Monte Cassino came to the UK to fight with the British Army. After the war was over he stayed in the UK with his mother and later met my mother whilst she was in the UK on holiday. I did have two brothers, but one of them now lives in the US, whilst the other sadly passed away.

People say one should not divulge personal information in a professional capacity. I disagree, its good to let the world know you are just like anyone else, you are approachable and are understanding and you dont hide. I may be guilty of one thing and that is not having photographs taken and spread around the internet. I only have a couple of photos that I use for profiling other than that I try to keep myself private to a certain extent.

Private Life:
In the last decade I have had it hard. Both my parents passed away followed by my brother. I did not have any serious relationships since my divorce 16 years ago up until I met this Polish man in the UK about 7 years ago.

At first he seemed perfect until he started to be verbally and physically abusive towards me.

Since then we live seperately and all I do is put all my energy into my work in order to block out all the negative things that have happened in my life.

I am in the throughs of writing my memoirs in a book. I one day will publish it to make woman aware that a devil sometimes can look handsome in order to lure you in a bit like a wolf in sheeps clothing.

No woman deserves to be mentally or physically abused. It just says the attacker is insecure and unstable and is afraid of loosing you, so he tries to break you down so you feel helpless, so that you don’t leave.

I am more powerful than that, yes sticks and stones will break my bones, but I will heal and become stonger and when I get up, so help you.

Yes I still get my down moments but have managed to block out everything he has done to me from spraying a concoction of bleach and disenfectant in my eyes to breaking my ribs and dislocationg my knee which I will have to have an operation to fix.

But I do not know what is worse the physical or the verbal abuse. I suppose with the physical it will heal, but with the verbal it leaves scars.

To this day I am weary of him and where love treads a thin line, he has definitely crossed the border with me and I hate him with a vengence.

For legal reasons I do not want to mention his name but his initials are E.S and should suffice.

All I want to do is get as far away from him as possible so that he can never find me or my daughter.


Yes I could have had him arrested many times over but he has some unsavoury friends and I am afraid of the consequences if I had him arrested again.

I will get there in the end because if anything he has made me even more determined.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!


The obstacles keep coming and I am determined more than ever to get through everything that has been thrown at us. This time my daugher is seriously ill. The Univeristy Hospital of Wales is doing everything to find out what has caused my 17 year old to have lesions on her brain and spine.

I feel sad that my child who has already had cataract surgery is going through this.

What has she done to deserve this?

Professional Life:
I made a career as a photographer for many years and published several books in my time but thanks to my brothers who were in the IT industry I started to evolve Designing Websites. Since then I have moved into Domain Brokering. I offer this service to my clients aswell as having my own portfolio. I eventually will have a stand alone domain website relating only to Domain Brokering.

Knowing what I know now I wish I had looked into Domain Brokering much earlier in my life, but still I am optimistic and eager for a challenge.

Located now in Cardiff Wales, I now consult businesses to grow to their full potential, from finding the ideal domain name, to designing a website and helping with all their business marketing and office intergration.

I also want to mention my daughter Zena who is currently doing her GCSE’s. She is still undecided what she wants to do. Even though ideally I would like her to join me in what I call a mans world, as I dont seem to see many female domain brokers out there, why is that?………..

I have so many projects under my belt and will update you as soon as I have some news.

Wishing everyone happy reading!

Best Wishes

Renata & Zena.


I know I should create a different post all together, but this is non related to domain brokering or website design this is just a rant.

The temperature in the UK is 31c, I dont know about the rest of you in the UK, but I can’t work in these temperature, not only is it hot but working on a laptop on my knees is making me and the computer overheat.

I am walking around like a beetroot and all I can think about is cooling off in water but computers and water do not mix.

I will be glad when this heat wave subsides.

Even if I do my work in the evening when its slightly cooler its still too hot for me.

When I hear internet marketers saying you can work anywhere round the world and even on a beach, what planet are they on? Computers, sand and water is a cocktail for disaster.


Heatwave over thankfully, now I can work from the comfort of my home with out over-heating and be counter productive.


Another rant coming……….

I just had an argument with an insurance company www.morethan.com to be precise as I noticed on a recent policy some discrepencies. I tried changing them and they have suspended the policy on the grounds that the named driver is not in a relationship to me, even though the car belongs to me and I have given the named driver permission to drive my car.

I happened to say the words ‘BS’ and ‘SEX’ and I was told I was vulgar and rude. So now one needs to speak Queens English to speak with them. Its all BS. I tried saying its nonsense and because I am not in an intimate relationship, I cannot have insurance.

I’m an internet marketer I can write so many bad reviews and dedicate a blog just for them if they decide to cancel the insurance.

Watch this space.


Its a month tomorrow since I raised the question about my relationship status on the insurance policy and where I was told the insurnce was now pending and we still have not resolved the issue. So for a month tomorrow we have been without a car and I have had to use taxis to get around. www.Morethan.com should compensate me for this. I will be looking for a different insurance company and will be giving bad feedback so that they loose business. Totally unacceptable.


Only three weeks left to find out the results of Zena’s exams.


I am so pleased with my daughter she passed 9 GCSEs and is now in sixth form college. I am really proud of her even though she has had her own battles with a recent cataract operation. I believe in her and push her and push her to her limits so that she can have a better start in life to what I had. I do not want her to struggle in life. I want her to have everything she desires.

Go Girl !!!

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