Whats on my mind Cryptocurrency.

If Microsoft are doing it and Virgin Galactic aswell as Save the Children, Wikipedia, Overstock, Tesla, Stripe, Shopify, Lionsgate Films, Badoo to name a few, so why shouldn’t you?

What have they all got in common they are all accepting Bitcoin.

These are all well known highly respected companies.

So why is there still a stigma attached to cryptocurrency, because our ‘corrupt powers’ that be want to oversee this phenomena, they want to be in sole control and they will stoop to levels to penalize any company or indivdual trying to use the system. In the UK & EU they will force companies to identify themselves as using the cryptocurrency, my question is how?, I suppose they can track every transaction made and if not with fiat money then with what?

In my opinion this is what might happen, people who are suspected of using the crypto coins will have their bank accounts frozen any fiat money you do have will be deemed worthless. The other way will be to force people to buy a license, anyone without a license will be prosecuted.

So your thinking if these big companies can do it which I mentioned earlier, why not do it, well they can afford to battle themselves on legal grounds, but can you? They can afford the best attorneys/solicitors if the so called ‘corrupt powers’ wished to freeze your accounts.

Although very tempting whilst the ‘corrupt powers’ continue to play mind games who will loose in the end? Furthermore I believe the ‘corrupt powers’ hidden behind the name ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ were the ones that invented it to test the waters and now they are playing cat and mouse. They want big companies to invest millions and then wait to burst the bubble, again who will win, certainly not the business man that had millions invested. How to steal from the rich without the rich knowing nothing about it. They will then introduce their own crypto currency which once the bubble bursts they will tell the whole wide world “we told you so” be that a lesson learnt, now do as we tell you to otherwise there will be consequences.

There is no stopping people creating their own version of a cryptocurrency and as long as you have a large enough community you could easily trade, however the powers that be won’t be too happy. Anyone can go to github and get the code on opensource, one can even build blockchains and hashgraphs.

Its the same if everyone started trading with Gold and Silver, martial law would enevitably be implimented and all your physical gold and silver would be confiscated. But there is another way to buy Gold and Silver and that is on online vaults. Bullionvault stores your gold and silver at their locations. One gram of gold is $42.73 or £30.80 as per todays date 18/01/18. Visit https://goo.gl/tYXMjq

So here is a relatively low cost way to trade with Gold, buy goods and services in exchange of your Gold. A weekly food shop is more that £30.80 and you can buy gold in grams which is handy to carry around.

The Rothchilds have vowed on destroying the ‘Bitcoin’ and will be introducing the ‘Fedcoin’, will I ever use it?……never I would rather trade on exchange of services eg. I would build a website or sell a domain in exchange for food or clothes or even a roof over my head.

What gets me is that I have contacted the ‘FCA’ with a proposition to help regulate the ‘initial coin offerings’ and they have blantantly blanked me.
Someone is eventually going to do it and its better I get there first. I even have a business plan. You cannot out rule the powers that be as they have more money than you and you will never win. So “if you can’t beat them join them” as they say……

But they are not in such a hurry to regulate ‘Bitcoin’ as is announced on the internet as they will want people / businesses to part with their money on the instructions of the ‘powers that be’ in order for them to loose the money as per my earlier citation. The owners of the Federal Reserves would immediately become richer.

Why do I get the feeling this all about world domination?

My personal opinion is that it should be regulated to a certain extent so that it stops money laundering and for the sale of arms and drugs which I am totally against. It would also protect the user from hackers. It will also prove that you are a law abiding citizen.

For people on the other end of the spectrum they would use the dark web to make their transactions and its up to the authorities how they go about controlling it. Its not hard even for someone like me to find these sites and ‘one brain cell blogger’ only put one of these websites on their blog, how to draw attention to oneself and have authorities banging on your door.

I’m the three wise monkeys, hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.

Since writing this post yesterday a blog post in my Linkedin alert came to my attention which I would like to share, the title:

The $1.5b Bitcoin heist: Hackers have snatched 14 per cent of cryptocurrencies

Initial Coin Offerings and the software designed to track them have
become a lucritive business for cybercriminals. Security companies now have to re-invent themselves to prevent this from happening.

In less than a ten years, hackers have stolen $US1.2 billion ($1.5 billion) worth of
Bitcoin and rival currency Ether, according to Lex Sokolin, global
director of fintech strategy at Autonomous Research.

The worrying part is how safe is your wallet? Without special software a hacker can access your mobile phone and its easier than you think. How many times have you been sent a marketing txt or been on aporn site, who’s to say there is not a spyware virus attached that monitors your screen or your keyboard.

You can read the whole article here but this is worrying and the sooner this gets regulated the better it will be, not from the government perspective as Im not a great fan of what they are doing in which you can see in Video 1.


Here are some interesting videos to watch.

The first what is money although the title is slightly different. Followed by Mike Maloneys explanation what is a Blockchain and cryptocurrency and finally a video about John McAfee inventor of McAfee anti-virus software.

If there is anything that you need to know about fiat money, gold and silver and crypto currency you will find it in these three videos.

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Hope you find this article informative. happy reading and viewing.

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